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300 Click for offerPese al clima de violencia y hostilidad que han creado los helicópteros de Witzel, los habitantes de las favelas sienten una fuerte conexión a sus barrios y tienen un profundo sentido de pertenencia. Según el Data Favela, 94 por ciento de los habitantes de las favelas en Brasil dicen ser felices. Y el 62 por ciento afirma estar orgulloso de vivir allí. Esos datos deben considerarse para diseñar políticas que disminuyan la violencia sin usar más violencia. Todo lo contrario de lo que está haciendo Witzel. Virginia’s congressional Democrats met privately for about 40 minutes in Senator Tim Kaine’s office Thursday, and an official directly familiar with the discussion said Mr. Fairfax’s standing with the delegation is “deteriorating.”

Pollsters address that problem through a process called weighting. If, say, college-educated men account for a larger percentage of the sample than they do of the full electorate, the pollster will count their responses a little less in the results. Mr. Smollett, who is black and gay, had told the police he was attacked by masked men who hurled homophobic and racial slurs at him and said he was in “MAGA country,” a reference to President Trump’s campaign slogan.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe administration also proposed extending spending caps, which would otherwise expire after 2021, for another two years. “Art conservation and investment management are similar,” she said. “You do a lot of preliminary work. You don’t want to drop an artwork in a solution and it disappears. The same is true in investments.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThe Star: George Clooney AS: That poem makes so much sense to me. This is how photography works — this appreciation of all these surfaces, all this beauty. But you can’t quite get inside. It’s about making do with that.

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Beto is talking to people about their experiences living at the border. I myself took trips to the dentist from Texas to Juárez without incident growing up. Most everyone I knew went back and forth across the border as well. https://t.co/6a6VdnkURe McCarthy: We’re not going to fix crime until we fix the corruption.

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“The Italians even thought he was Italian,” said Mariangela Viterbo, the head of a public relations firm in Milan, who met him in the late 1960s when he presented Bulb at a trade show in Turin. “In that period the big vision of modern design was Danish or Finnish. Ingo came with something more similar to our temperament — more ironic, more joyful. It made a difference.” It is fitting that the final revelation, the one about Julie’s childhood admirer and their reconnection as adults, comes from Amelia’s book, which Hays made the stubborn mistake of never reading. This last piece of the puzzle is hopeful for Julie and it is hopeful for Hays, too, who can finally settle in and appreciate the family he and Amelia created together, and who can receive his partner warmly, with all their past grievances forgotten. No one has to say, “The light’s winning,” as Rust Cohle does at the end of Season 1, but Pizzolatto generously implies it.

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John Ross III, CIN: 7 rec., 158 yards, 2 touchdowns The display in each chapter has a different theme, like the ballerina designs on floral patterns or the sets on a white background “to present the jewels in a crisp, sharp way,” she said. And there are unusual treatments, like a laser-cut page that, she said, “shows how the stones of my pieces are set.”

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• Mike Pompeo will face his greatest test as secretary of state this week, when he accompanies President Trump to a summit meeting with North Korea’s leaders: He must keep Mr. Trump from giving away U.S. leverage on denuclearization while remaining in Mr. Trump’s good graces. I mention this episode, because it is impossible to imagine it occurring — the wandering, the door left open — in the Belfast I first visited in 1978 when I was 20, or the Belfast described in Patrick Radden Keefe’s “Say Nothing,” which starts with the abduction of a woman called Jean McConville, a young widow and mother of 10 children, in 1972. Keefe homes in on McConville and other individuals and, while doing that, tells a good-sized chunk of the history of Northern Ireland, a place George Bernard Shaw called “an autonomous political lunatic asylum.” In particular, he writes about what became known as the Troubles, and the people who caused or were caught in the Troubles.

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