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300 Click for offerSnap CEO Evan Spiegel said the drop mainly came from users who use the app on Android phones. The tech firm has been working on a new version of the app for Android users, but executives didn't say exactly when it would be released. Because so few suburbs, especially outside the South, have a history of purposeful policymaking around school integration, “Doing nothing means accepting resegregation,” the report notes.

Outside of Jon Snow, do you think? Ahead of Jon Snow? Officials at City Hall said the organizers have yet to receive a permit for a parade, and it appeared uncertain this week whether the event, described on a website the organizers created, would actually take place. The group had earlier sought an application to raise a “straight pride” flag on City Hall’s flagpoles, a proposal city officials turned down.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe anti-establishment faction contributed significantly to the large turnout increases in Democratic primaries last year. Pew found that from 2014 to 2018, turnout in House primaries rose from 13.7 to 19.6 percent of all registered Democrats, in Senate primaries from 16.6 to 22.2 percent and in governor primaries from 17.1 to 24.5 percent. So the Iranian government has begun to respond to the tougher economic sanctions that Mr. Bolton and Mr. Pompeo have championed by conducting its own form of escalation — beginning to edge out of the limits imposed on it by the nuclear accord. So, presumably, has the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is believed to be a player in the acts of sabotage in the gulf.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYWhy: Every weird app you install on your phone and every browser extension or piece of software you download from a sketchy website represents another potential privacy and security hole. Countless mobile apps track your location everywhere you go and harvest your data without asking consent, even in children’s apps. As Magid putters around Barragán’s Mexico City studio, researching and plotting and painting her toenails, her voice-over pleas to Zanco — and the creamily polite rebuffs — turn the movie into a delicate duel between two women armed with obsessions for the same man. They will finally meet in a Swiss cafe, filmed hazily through a window (Jarred Alterman’s cinematography is consistently dreamy); yet Zanco’s romantically fuzzy aspect is fitting in a film that feels only tangentially concerned with corporate control of art.

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The scientific evidence linking exercise, fitness and brain health is already hefty and growing. Multiple studies have found that people with relatively high levels of endurance, whatever their age, tend to perform better on tests of thinking and memory than people who are out of shape. Other studies associate better fitness with less risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. “He was just coming into his own at that point” as a politician, said Wayne Temple, a Lincoln historian who described the hasty exit in one of his books on the president.

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He said he reluctantly followed Mr. Trump’s directive, in what Mr. Sondland claimed was a clear “quid pro quo.” He added, “We followed the president’s orders.” The officers’ behavior that night would quickly become a stain on the department and an electrifying force for the L.G.B.T.Q. movement. On a recent visit, the bar proudly displayed newspaper cutouts from that time, including one from the Sunday News with the headline, “Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bees Are Stinging Mad.”

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The investigators apparently decided that by continuing to quietly monitor Mr. Lee, they might glean more clues about the disappearing C.I.A. informants in China. But even after his arrest in 2018 on the same charge the C.I.A. was prepared to bring in 2013, they were unable to determine whether Mr. Lee was involved in the disclosures to Chinese intelligence operatives. Our Interpreter columnists noted last week that he also embodies the British ideal that it is “preferable to have success without visibly striving to achieve it.”

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Opening the story with a spooky prologue right out of the horror handbook, the director Todd Haynes makes it clear that here be monsters: It’s 1975 and a gaggle of young trespassers venture onto fenced-off property to go for a night swim. (The script is by Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan.) Soon after the swimmers splash into the dark, oily waters (kids do the stupidest things), they are rousted by a booming male voice of authority. Given the horror-film setup, you half expect a creature from this dark lagoon to rise up or a chain-saw killer to buzz into view. Instead, men in a boat marked “containment” glide in, spraying something on the slicked surface. He has had setbacks. The Supreme Court unanimously overturned a conviction of Arthur Andersen, an accounting firm charged with illegally destroying documents related to its audit of Enron, over a narrow issue involving jury instructions. And his efforts to secure Mr. Manafort’s cooperation stumbled after Mr. Manafort violated his plea agreement by repeatedly lying to federal investigators, according to prosecutors.

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